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Earnie Best Realtor is a real estate office that specializes in Farms, Vacant Acreages, Recreational Timber and Hunting Land, Commercial and Development Parcels and Country Property. Earnie has sold at the time of sale the most expensive farm ever sold in Kalamazoo County.
Earnie is also available as a Buyer agent for any general type of real estate including residential or commercial. Known by some as the Guru of Land or the Land Baron, Earnie has a record unmatched for land sales in Southwest Michigan. He recently served 5 years on the Kalamazoo Metropolitan County Planning Commission for which he received acknowledgement and thanks from the County Board of Supervisors. He is the Past Chair of the Government Affairs Committee of the Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors.

In 2006 Earnie was president of the Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors.

He also has the proud distinction of being a past President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kalamazoo, and a past Michigan Governor for the American Business Clubs, including a term as President of the Portage, Michigan Chapter of AMBUCS.
Professional Achievements of this Century (2000’s): AS REPORTED ON THE MLS (Multi-Listing Service)

Until 2014 had the Highest Priced sale of the Century (2000’s) in Southern Michigan as reported on the MLS’s.  New Buffalo to Jackson. Includes 4 MLS’s. Southwest Michigan, Greater Kalamazoo, St. Joseph County and Battle Creek Area. Including Commercial Sales now has # 3.

SOLD: Largest Industrial Zoned Acreage between Chicago and Detroit with a Railroad Spur.
SOLD: Largest Acreage; Farm or Vacant Land Sale of this Century on the 4 MLS’s in Southern Michigan.
SOLD: Highest Priced Farm or Vacant Land Sale of this Century on the 4 MLS’s in Southern Michigan.
SOLD: From 2012 thru until October 2015 sold all (every one) Vacant Land Sales of 100 Acres or more in GKAR (Greater Kalamazoo includes parts of Van Buren, Barry, Allegan and all of Kalamazoo County).

In 2011 and in 2012 had both the Largest and the Highest Priced Vacant Land Sales in the Battle Creek Area MLS.

In 2014 has made over 70% of all sales of Vacant Land in the GKAR MLS of 70 Acres or more.


In 2012 I personally SOLD over $7,500,000.00 of my own personal VACANT LAND listings. I had other sales that were listed by other offices but nobody has sold that much Vacant Land before. (My personal listings) by Earnie Best Realtor.


We need: Farms, Farm Ground, Wooded Land, Recreational Property and larger Acres. You can see we have sold a lot of our inventory.


Please call 269 375 0300 if you have any property you wish to sell or wish to do a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. Thank you.

For anyone wishing to view all of our listings up to date or any real estate listing, you should use the official Multi Listing Site for all of Southwestern Michigan. Go to www.swmric.com .

This is the official site where you will have access to all the listings where there will be no tracking or feedback to you of any kind. You may locate a property with the Property ID number or you may enter a search. Remember this is not an individual Realtors page, (IDX Site) but the official link to all of the multi listing services in South West Michigan. There are 11 different MLS’s including Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Jackson and even Upper Michigan. Realtor IDX sites do not include all available listings.  You will not find Earnie Best Listings and many other non-franchised Realtors on another Realtor web site. You will find only Earnie Best Realtor listings on my web site and the www.swmric.com link. IDX sites show only all cooperating Realtors listings and many of them appear to be listed by the web site you are viewing which can be confusing or misleading. But to get a complete list all of the MLS listings including the actual listing office you would go to www.swmric.com. All of the listings on Earnie Best Realtor web site belong only to Earnie Best. This is why you should use  www.swmric.com.

To contact Earnie Best you may call (269) 375-0300 or e-mail to earnie@earniebest.com

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